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Shenzhen Aidi Audio-Visual Equipment Co.,LTD  深圳艾迪视听设备有限公司

Hongkong Aidi Audio-Visual Equipment  Co.,LTD  is a well-known company specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing various types of such facilities widely applicable in both home and office circumstance as projection lifts, security lifts, motorized LCD lifts, motorized LCD desktop folders,motorized keyboard turners,motorized cord mounting poles, AV carts, motorized curtains, plasma mounts, floor mountable integrated sockets, desktop mountable integrated sockets, as well as various manual or motorized projection screens.     

   Currently our products are sold well to the provinces and cities nationwide, and exported far to Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and other countries. Our products are well acclaimed by both our domestic and oversea customers. You are sincerely welcome to cooperate with us for a bright future.
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  AIDI Main Products : TV mounts/ LCD stand/ projector mount/ LCD mount/ Universal flat panel TV mounts /Cantilever flat panel TV mounts/ floor LCD mobile stander / desktop LCD mount/ notebook mounts/ table LCD mount/ tv wall mount/ tv ceilling mount/projector lift/LCD  lift/ tesktop sockets/ tabletop sockets ... 

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